Everything that One Should Know about the Keylogger

The Keylogger is called a keystroke logger or system monitor as well. The Keylogger is used as monitoring software that records all the keystrokes entered by the user. The Keylogger software is available for smartphones that is iPhone and android as well. The keylogger can be used in both a positive and negative way.

The negative aspect of the Keylogger is as follows:

  • It is used for stealing personal information.
  • It is used for having important login credentials of people to login into their accounts and misuse them.
  • It is used for looting someone else’s sensitive business data.

The positive aspect of the Keylogger is as follows:

  • It is used to monitor employees in the company to record their key stroking.
  • The owners of the devices also use it to see the activities that are undertaken on their devices.
  • The government agencies use it to keep a check on cybercrimes.

Working of the Keylogger

The frequently asked question is how to use a KeyloggerTo answer this here is the working of the Keylogger. The Keylogger collects the information of the user that is the keystrokes he has entered and sends it back to the third party. The third-party can be any that is a hacker, law enforcement department, or anyone. The Keylogger recognizes the keystrokes entered by the user through some pattern or other techniques.

The information collected by the Keyloggers also varies. Some Keylogger collects the information that is stroked into a single application whereas some Keylogger collects every bit of information that is entered through the keypad regardless of which application it is. Some of them that specifically target mobile phones not only records entered data but also the phone calls, location, information from applications, screen records, microphone, and other information.

The keyloggers are installed through two mediums either through hardware or software. The hardware Keylogger is inserted between the connector that is linking the keyboard and the computer’s port. The software Keylogger is either downloaded into the device or inserted as malware to infect the device. The data that is collected by the Keylogger is sent back to the third party via e-mail or it uploads that collected data to a pre-decided website, FTP server, or database.

Keylogger at the workplace

There is always a question of legality on the Keylogger. People use Keylogger on their family, partners, or friends to keep an eye on them. The legality of it is defined:

  • If the one who is downloading the Keylogger is the owner of the device
  • If the user knows that he is using a device where Keylogger is installed.

In both the situation the Keylogger becomes legal. Often there is a question raised that Keylogger can invade their privacy. Sometimes the Keylogger is used in testing, removing bugs, or improving user experience. The Keylogger can be used for regulating the activities as well. The purpose for which the Keylogger is being used is what matters here and what makes it legal or illegal.