Editors’ Pick: Mamba Battery-Powered Grinder

Mamba Grinders™ | The Best Electric Herb Grinder Ever Made

We haven’t seen a product like the Mamba for a while, and so we felt that it was fair to address this product in an explainer article to help potential buyers make an educated decision.  Not often do we see a product that addresses the shortcomings of its competitors while also containing innovative features all of its own, but that is what the designers of the Mamba battery-powered grinder have done.

So what are the cons that have plagued most herb grinders?  Here’s our list:

  • Difficult to grind (sticky, require two hands, poor grip)
  • Slow
  • Cheap and unreliable
  • Tricky to load
  • Messy

The Mamba battery powered herb grinder addresses all of these issues, and does so in its own, sleek way.  First off, there are no cheap materials used in its construction.  A powerful motor and strong, metal gear train allow for predictable and long-lasting service life, and as for speed, the Mamba is fast and able to outperform any hand or electric grinder.

To keep weight low without sacrificing durability, the Mamba uses aluminum grinding teeth and plates which make quick work of any herb that you are trying to grind.  Another advantage here is that, with an aluminum design, cleaning is simple and effective, and there is no taste transfer from porous grinder materials between herbal grinds.

Loading is made simple thanks to the Mamba’s loading compartments.  Herbs can be loaded directly into these compartments, and then the grinder’s teeth automatically pull the herb into the grinder to produce the perfect consistency.

This perfect consistency is produced largely due to the grinders consistent operating speed (something that even the best user of a hand grinder will have a hard time doing) and screen.  The screen only allows ground herbs of the right size to leave the grinder, so there is no guesswork or trial-and-error when it comes to using the Mamba.

The Mamba ultimate herb grinder is far cleaner than hand grinders for two reasons.  First, the built-in loading compartments make it simpler to load herb into the grinder, making for less spillage.  Second, the Mamba’s screen leads directly to a clear plastic funnel that makes it super easy to place your grind exactly where you need it.  We’re tired of opening up a hand grinder and watching our expensive herbs spill all over the place.  None of that with the Mamba.

All of these great features would make this a grinder of choice for anyone if the Mamba was a corded device, but the designers have taken it a step further by making the Mamba battery-operated.  This makes the Mamba just as portable as any other grinder, and very easy to use in any location.  With modern electronics and battery technology, it is now possible to have an electric grinder that is as reliable as a hand grinder, so fears of unreliability really are unfounded with the Mamba.

Overall, the Mamba hand held electric grinder is a great tool for grinding your herbs and deserves a place in your tool kit for enjoying your herbs.  There isn’t anything else as high-quality or innovative on the market, and rest assured, we’d tell you if there was.

So if you want a grinder that addresses the frustrations you’ve experienced with your previous grinders, look no further than the Mamba.  Give it a shot today.  We’re confident that this product will provide the grinding experience that we are all looking for.