Easy Ways to Protect Your Work Computer from Cyber Threats

Cybercriminals are constantly stepping up their game. In order to keep up with a rapidly growing array of threats, cyber security companies have little choice but to kick their efforts into overdrive. Hackers, malware spreaders and virus developers will stop at nothing to gain access to your devices. This is particularly true in the case of work computers. If a disreputable character is able to find their way into a computer you use for work, your personal information isn’t the only thing at risk. Depending on how sensitive your work-related files are, your employer could be in trouble as well. When working to protect your work computer from the machinations of cybercriminals, the following pointers will serve you well.   

Keep Your O.S. Up to Date

Regardless of what operating system your work computer runs on, it’s imperative that you keep it up to date. This means downloading and installing updates as soon as they become available. Unfortunately, since this process generally takes several minutes and requires a system reboot, many of us allow updates to pile up. While this may be more convenient in the short term, it can lead to big trouble down the line. A sizable percentage of system updates are created in response to emerging security threats, and in order to reap the benefits of these updates, you’ll need to install them forthwith.

Invest in Effective Security Software

In addition to installing system updates posthaste, you’ll need to invest in top-tier security software. The right software will protect your work computer against viruses, malware, hackers and many other cyber threats. While security software for individual computers is an absolute must for any business, network security programs also represent a worthwhile investment. Software with a secure and user-friendly threat intelligence gateway can be a boon to the wellbeing of your work computer, as well as any other computers that are part of your network.

Password-Protect Your Computer

If your work computer is ever lost or stolen, the consequences can be disastrous. After all, if a cybercriminal has access to your physical computer, they won’t need to go to the trouble of hacking their way in. With this in mind, take care to password-protect your work computer. This ensures that even if the computer is misplaced, the information it contains will remain secure.

For maximum effectiveness, avoid commonplace, easy-to-guess passwords. This means steering clear of common phrases, idioms and number sequences. While these passwords may be easy for you to remember, they’re also easy for thieves to guess. That being case, opt for nonsense phrases and random number sequences. For extra measure, change this password on a semi-regular basis.

Cybercriminals are often relentless in their efforts to steal information and compromise personal privacy. As such, cyber security isn’t something anyone can afford to put on the backburner – especially with regard to work computers. Fortunately, keeping unwelcome third parties out of your work computer doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. To ensure that your work computer remains safe from cyber crooks, put the previously discussed measures to good use.