Digital solutions for online stores in New Jersey

A business company looking to venture into e-commerce for selling its products and services need a high quality responsive e-commerce website. An e-commerce website development is a far cry from static or dynamic CMS development because the customers also need a safe payment gateway in the website apart from robust design features. There are many reputed agencies offering e-commerce website development in New Jersey using many popular platforms such as Magento.

E-commerce website development

Magento is an open source platform which is a very popular platform for e-commerce websites. About 31.4% of the top 100,000 e-commerce websites use Magento platform. Magento is a highly customisable platform which allows the online sellers a great deal of control over the functionality, look and content of the e-commerce websites. The scaling ability of Magento enables the online store to add thousands of products without the need to change the platform. In order to derive maximum benefit from the Magento platform, expert developers are required.

A reputed New Jersey Magento Agency has a team of professional e-commerce website developers proficient in Magento. The developers integrate various plugins, themes and extensions offered by Magento. The functionality and other aspects of the Magento platform are customised as per the specific requirements of the clients using complex programming. A host of features can be added to the Magento e-commerce website by the Magento developers of the agency. These include advanced search options, favourites, multi-store facility, layered navigation, product comparison, animation and many more. The Magento e-commerce websites are highly customisable which enables the developers to make changes to the website as and when required by the client. The agency provides various hosting modes for the magento websites such as private cloud hosting, virtual private servers, shared hosting and dedicated servers. The company can select the hosting plan as per its business requirements.

Laravel is another open source platform which is used by e-commerce developers. This is a PHP framework which is highly customisable with respect to functionality and look. The Laravel experts of a web development agency specialise in Laravel bundle creation, theme designing and integration, Laravel wordpress integration, payment integration, Laravel SEO, etc. A range of plans for Laravel hosting are offered by the experts.

The e-commerce developers develop responsive websites which are compatible across devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, etc. The payment gateway configuration is made secure and the shopping cart is made user-friendly to attract more customers. The website is secured using many steps such as HTTPS/SSL. Google Analytics and webmasters tools are also integrated into the website to get reports about the web traffic to the website and the sales. Bug-free programming is used to develop the websites. Testing is carried out at all the stages to ensure that the website is robust. Complete support is provided after launching the website.

Mobile app development

Mobile applications have become the rage among customers due to the smartphone boom in the recent years. Thus, online merchants also need dedicated mobile apps to reach a wider audience. The app developers of a reputed agency offering e-commerce website services are capable of developing cross-platform mobile apps. The mobile apps are designed, developed and customised to get the best speed, efficiency and portability. The mobile apps are designed for both Android as well as iOS smartphones.