Different ways to download FLV videos

Out of all the video types and formats, FLV is the highest ranked one. The reason behind this popularity is that it could be highly compressed and the video quality is also not disturbed. What more one can ask for! The quality of this format is very good, but the problem starts when we try to download videos of this format and especially for Mac. We hardly find any video downloader suitable for this purpose. In this article, we are going to talk about a few of the downloader that you can use for downloading FLV videos, especially for Mac. Following are the details of these downloaders.


If you are a Mac user, then you must be familiar with this word already. This acts as bliss for all the Mac users, as it is their one-stop destination for all the video related problems. Most of the times, we face a disappointment in searching for a video downloader for Mac, but this is one such application that rule out all the disappointments. Talking about the FLV format, then this app can download videos of this format also.

You just have to download this app on your Mac and then use its free trial version. There you can save a few of the videos and can check the working of it. Along with this, you can save a few FLV videos also. After this, you can get purchase the license of this application and then can access to unlimited videos from a lot of different platforms.

Along with the downloading features, VideoDuke offers a lot of other features too that can be very useful to the users. This application not just allows you to download the videos in FLV format, but it also gives you the liberty to download videos in flash files. The resolutions that you can access in this application is from 360p and up to 8k.


The next downloader that we are going to talk about reveals its aim from its name only. From the name of the application only, it is clear that this is focused mainly on downloading videos that are in FLV format. So, if you want to get the best experience of downloading FLV videos on your computer, then this is the application you should go for. The best thing about this downloader is that it can access websites that deal in 50 different languages. In simple words, the application supports 50 different languages. This one feature makes it the best flv downloader for Mac.


The last one in this list is the Airy video downloader. Unlike the previous one, this downloader is already used by many Mac users. This is again a very good application and like the VideoDuke downloader, supports formats other than FLV.  Along with that, it supports a lot of platforms too.

After reading all the points mentioned above, there won’t be much problem in downloading FLV videos. The readers need not to think before saving an FLV video on their computer.