Crucial Tips To Convert FB Videos Into Mp4 File.

If you want to download any Facebook video directly from the website or app, you should use the Fastvid website/app. As Facebook has disabled the direct download option it used to offer previously; you can use the easier and faster Fastvid Facebook video saver. There are countless format options that you can choose from. But the best one among them by far is the mp4 format. It offers users pristine video and audio quality along with the smallest size. If you are wondering how to download FB videos in mp4 format, here are some crucial tips for you.

  1. Use the Fastvid website.

If you are looking for a Facebook video downloader mp4 format, then the Fastvid website is the best choice for you. The user interface and download process are also straightforward. You need to copy-paste the video URL into the link box provided on the website. After that, you need to tap/click on Download and select the quality of the video you’d like.

  1. Use the Fastvid Android app

On your phone, the best option is to use the Fastvid Android app. By using the Fastvid app, you can download Facebook page videos directly into the phone. Another good thing about the Fastvid online FB video downloader is that it will save all your videos in the mp4 format itself. So, you will not have to convert the video file additionally.

With the help of these tips, you will be able to download and convert any FB video.