Could I store Tally Data backup on Cloud?

  • Yes, you can automatically back up the Tally ERP 9 data online using the most secure cloud solution.
  • The Tally data synced with the cloud could be retrieved from any device with active connectivity of the internet.
  • Any alteration made will be automatically stored in the data folder.
  • Cloud provides an easy-to-use automatic backup option with easy data recovery attributes.

Why is Tally ERP 9 the popular accounting software?

Tally Accounting applications have proven to become among the handiest ERP source and accounting applications that have made the hassle work of accountants, bookkeepers, financial officers, and other businessmen a lot simpler.

The majority of the companies use Tally ERP 9 due to its efficient attributes which aid in supreme bookkeeping, auditing, GST compliance, vouching functions & other critical activities.

Can Tally ERP be utilized on the cloud?

  • With progress in cloud solutions, Tally accounting software can be installed and run on the cloud.
  • Tally ERP hosted on cloud computing improves performance since it’s extremely effective, reliable, and remotely available.
  • Tally on Cloud platform has made individuals operate their tally accounts from anywhere, anytime, with any device.
  • Advantages of this alternative have made it easy for the businessmen to access their tally reports, online data, tools, and other Tally programs from any place and on different devices.
  • The option of Tally on Cloud has made storage and backups of data very simple, secure, and easy.
  • Now data of Tally ERP could be obtained efficiently and safely from other places with no excess source or applications.
  • By means of this solution, you receive a means of automated online backup that eases all of your financial and bookkeeping data back-ups.

Why is Tally ERP Data Backup significant?

Tally data containing tally reports, vouchers, evaluation, and management of other resources is of extreme importance for all of the Businesses as it keeps a record of all the data recorded. All the transactions and data entered on the tally program should be backed up frequently in order to never lose out the vital data. Financial data if missed could cause a lot of preparation mismanagement. So, regular backups of Tally day are really essential.

Data backup of Tally ERP streamlined by Tally Cloud:

  • Tally on Cloud solution has created the saving, restorations, and backups of data very simple and secured.
  • Any user entering or performing any tally data from any different places can backup their Tally data through automatic online backups via a centralized server of Tally on Cloud.
  • Using Tally Data Backup on Cloud solution, you could backup or save your Tally information in your chosen platforms – Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • It’ll boost accounting data cloud backup from whenever and wherever you wish to access that tally data.
  • Tally backups online are more protected and convenient for business.

What is the best way to backup Tally ERP Data?

To execute your data backups on your respective Destination folder, follow the next fast steps:

  1. Primarily, go to the Company info menu by using Alt + F3 gateway.
  2. Click on the Backup menu, where a backup processing screen will appear.
  3. Subsequently i.e the source of the data will be chosen, or if not, you can pick it on your own.
  4. If you are looking to have backups on a removable disk, you need to change the destination folder if required.
  5. Then you need to choose the companies, which you would like to perform data backup for & then select End of list.
  6. After done, accept and save the screen. The information will be backed up at your respective destination folder set.

Is the data truly secure on Tally ERP?

  • You are required to take the data backup over regular time intervals to ascertain full protection.
  • But sometimes there are opportunities you might forget to take manual backup or you might lose information due to Unexpected System Shutdown, Power cut-off, Virus Attacks, Hard Drive Crashes, or any natural catastrophe.
  • The real benefit that you should recognize about using Tally hosted on Cloud is regular storing all the data virtually.
  • Cloud-based Tally could be retrieved on any OS whether it is Tally on Mac or Windows and allows you to safely work from anywhere and at any time.
  • In addition, you can easily access Tally on mobile settings.
  • Including Disaster Recovery and a regular auto-backup facility help you recover the information you have lost due to any uncontrollable catastrophe.


Since we’re human, sometimes we will certainly forget to backup and daily data backup is essential for the company. Tallycloudhub’s tally cloud service offers automated data backup facilities for businesses of all sizes, whether small, medium, or large, to make your bookkeeping and backup work easy. Get absolute managed solutions and affirm reassurance. Thus, take advantage of the cloud from hosting your own accounting systems and try Tally based VM and other affordable Tally Cloud Solutions from Contact us if you would like to try a free Live Tally Cloud Demo.


Could it be advisable to take a local backup of tally data?

The fastest and simplest way of maintaining a local backup of Tally data is having a Removable disk or Pendrive or external hard drive, or an additional machine or laptop which may lead to a storage issue. It’s commended to use the cloud backup service as it’s entirely handled by specialists and provides unlimited storage.

Could I backup certain Tally Erp 9 transactions or masters?

No, back up a purpose for one or a group of companies cannot be applied for chosen transactions and masters.