Choose and Find the best Monitors and Lite Switch

Everyone seems to have heard about the virtues of the Nintendo Switch today. Console exclusives like Super Mario Odyssey or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild consistently receive high user ratings and press awards – Breath of the Wild, for example, was named the game of the year 189 times and received the prestigious BAFTA award in the nomination “Game innovation.”

The Right System

But games are not the only feature of the system. The unique design of the Switch stands out from the competition from Sony and Microsoft. The Nintendo device gives the user hitherto unprecedented freedom of action: it can be used as a home console by connecting to a large TV, or you can take it on the road and play in portable mode. With the Best Screen Protectors Switch Lite you can find the best solutions.

These factors have helped Switch quickly become one of the most successful and best-selling consoles of the last decade. Not surprisingly, since launch, it has already created a wide variety of accessories. Some are designed to facilitate the operation of the device, others to add new features to its functionality. In this review, we will consider the most necessary accessories that will be useful to any owner of the Nintendo Switch. For ease of reading, the material is divided into small chapters. This is very true for the high-end switch lite screen protectors also.

Screen and housing protection

The most necessary accessories are not always the most spectacular. Therefore, we will begin with unprepossessing at first glance objects that are of paramount importance. They protect the Nintendo Switch from damage and allow it to last for many years, while maintaining a neat appearance. These accessories should be purchased in the first place, simultaneously with the console itself. Do not be afraid to miscalculate when buying: the value of these products does not depend on the individual preferences of the gamer. With the Best USB-C Portable Monitors you can find the perfect choice.

We think that since you decided to buy a monitor for yourself, you have an idea of ​​what this device is for and in what area you will use it. Play games or design, build graphics or type, study, or visit various pages on the Internet. Let’s say right away – a modern monitor, whatever you choose, will perfectly cope with the tasks that you set for it. “What is the difference? “You ask, because there are a huge number of models with different prices and characteristics on the counter.” We will answer you – there is still a difference.

  • Firstly, the type of matrix is ​​perhaps the most important characteristic! A lot depends on the type of matrix: contrast, brightness, response, viewing angles.
  • Secondly, the diagonal and interfaces for connecting to a PC (DVI, VGA, HDMI).
  • Thirdly, the design (do not laugh, often it’s for the design that you overpay a good part of the cost of the monitor itself).And finallycomes the manufacturer. The more famous is the company, the more expensive is the monitor.


Accordingly, the characteristics of monitors are approximately the same. What turns out the most important characteristic is known, but which monitor to choose is not. Our advice: decide on the design, price, company, consult the seller, which manufacturer has the best service in the city, then ask to turn on the monitor. The USB-C monitors for traveling monitors are perfect there.