Checklist To pick a CCIE training provider for CCIE Lab

When you’ve actually agreed to seriously follow your CCIE certification, it’s time to get down to the brass tacks and decide that all the relevant provider is there to help you achieve your goals. Here’s a rundown of the top ten things to look for when considering a CCIE training provider.

  1. An outstanding track record—-You want to pick a CCIE Lab vendor who trained several CCIEs successfully before you come along. Any respectable provider should be able to provide you with a few success stories from happy customers.
  2. Updated and quality material—-What you don’t like is a 1998 CCIE workbook that can educate you about subjects that are no longer on the test. You want to make sure that the content of the manufacturer is completely up to date with the new CCIE blueprint and that the material is top notch in the industry. Be sure you read feedback of their products and get a sample if you can before you purchase them.
  3. Equipment to train at affordable rates—This is sometimes ignored. If you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on educational supplies, and maybe hundreds and hundreds of hours of labbing, you’re going to need tools to do so. In addition, you would require equipment that suits the topology of the vendors. Many vendors will provide some type of rack rental service where you can rent equipment rack wired to the specific vendor topology.
  4. First-class technological assistance for the product—-Everyone needs strong teachers as they practice. Make sure the provider provides a forum for students to reach out and ask questions about the materials. This is generally achieved in the form of email help lists or user forums. Take a look around before you agree to make sure that the real teachers and other experienced individuals add to the discussions.
  5. Availability of goods that suit your needs—-There are several different products out there. You want to make sure that you pick a vendor that sells the goods that suit you best. You may choose to learn on demand by DVD or online instead of attending a class because of your busy work schedule. You might enjoy listening to technical lectures when you’re running or on the way to work on the subway.
  6. Known Method Of Attack—You want to pick a vendor that has a proven time-tested technique for success in the CCIE lab. Anyone will send you a lot of technological things. What are you going to do for that material? How can you make the most of your latest purchase?
  7. World Class Instructors—You don’t want someone to learn how to be a CCIE. You want to learn from the best and as such, you want to pick a provider that hires world class CCIE teachers. In this sector, many people are technological gurus. None know how to relate this to other people in a complex and clear manner to outsiders.
  8. Class Location and Size—-If live classroom instruction is part of the kit you’re looking for, it will be prudent to do a little research on where your provider is doing business. Are you going to have to travel halfway around the globe to pay thousands of dollars just to get there or take courses all around the world? A vendor that does classes closer to where you work would obviously profit you more from your pocket book.