Bring the Best of Tiktok Promotion Now

When recording a video selfie, you can do it by independent shots that in the end merge into a single clip. When you edit the videos, you have the possibility to add effects in the moments or shots you consider. Once the clip is finished, you can view it and see how it turned out.

How to integrate Tiktok App in a business strategy?

Without a doubt, its exponential growth and the large community present in this new social network has not gone unnoticed by companies. A new channel enters the scene to impact, differently than the brands’ audience. Here are some tips if you consider that your company’s target may be on this social network. Toy brands, videogames and even shopping malls could find a new way to connect with their audience at Tiktok. The process of tiktok promotion¬† is useful in this case now.

Start your journey by creating a company page

In Tiktok there is the possibility of creating a business page. Good start. Adapt your ads to the video clip format and if it is quality content, it will be distributed at the top of the community feed.

Take into account the audience you are targeting

Around 90% of Tiktok users are below 34 years of age, and more than 60% have higher education. Its participation in the network is high, generating clips of 15 seconds practically daily.

Research the best time to publish: the strip that is between 20:00 and 24:00 is, in theory, the ideal one.

  • Adapt your message to the content type and not the other way around, your presence on Tiktok will be impossible and meaningless. Communicate differently and with an original and fresh style. Your brand can find a new perception on this social network by users.
  • Balance your publication frequency with a frequency of between four and five weekly contents they are more than enough so that your message stalls but does not saturate the audience.

Connect with users: follow everyone who follows our page, comment, answer their questions, support our products and services on this social network is essential if we want to succeed in our communication strategy on this channel.

How important is Tiktok today?

When it seems that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube dominate the social media sector, a new actor appears who must be taken into account and whose value proposition is attractive to a large number of users. It will be necessary to follow this social network closely to see how it evolves and what new developments it applies in the future.

As a January 2020 update we can confirm that Tiktok is among the most used Social Networks, with 800 million active users. Check here how TikTok Ads work.