Boosting of Faceit: How You Can Ensure It

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In this guide, we will share tips on how to raise an individual skill, and in particular, improve your skills, learn how to properly position and spread. For the boosting in faceit this is important.

Always stay calm

It sounds corny, but this advice should always be followed. Did the teammate yell at you? Ask him what you have done. Does constructive criticism sound? You can apologize and correct. Started to insult you unreasonably? Block him and keep playing.

Discuss team activities

If the team makes contact, half the work is done. So the players become more coordinated. You will begin to win more often, which will contribute to a surge of confidence. And self-confidence is an excellent catalyst for enhancing individual mastery.

Improve aim and accuracy

The economy defines your weapon. Train him first.

Beginners often have trouble shooting. They constantly start buying p90, even when not needed. Some tips to improve your shooting:

Keep track of the procurement team. This is the main rule in team play. If you have money, this does not mean that the team has it. Write in a chat or say in the microphone the word “Eco” and do not buy. Sometimes for ST you have to lose four rounds in a row until you accumulate money. And this is normal.

Do not panic. Because of this, you may make the wrong decision. For example, make a clamp from M4 or AK47 at a long distance. Sometimes, you can make a strafe, stop quickly and send a control shot to the head.

Pistol rounds

  • Beginners have a habit of taking tec-9. This is not always true. It is better to buy armor or grenades (smok, flash drives) with rush. We do the throwing where you need (a guide to throwing grenades at Dust 2). Have you been killed? But you helped the team. You can buy the same tech-9 or p250 if you took two flash drives or 1 flash drive / 1 smok.
  • You can even take an incendiary grenade. Do not skimp on a flash drive / smok. Five-seven per ct is a great choice. The most important thing is armor.

Economy rounds (eco)

Buy a P250 or go with USP / Glock. Did the team have 3700+ money? Make a normal purchase.


Rounds called “Will to Victory”

It sounds funny, but such a round occurs when the team lost the pistol and decided to buy. In this case, take five-seven / tec-9. You can take smoke and flash drives. As an option p250. Mandatory – armor.

Regular purchase

T: the minimum amount of money for the purchase is 3700. AK-47 + armor and helmet + scatter.

CT: the minimum amount of money is 3750. M4 + armor and helmet + scatter.

Shooting training

Do not ignore special cards for shooting training. Play them every day before matchmaking.