Best Twitter Options You Can Go for In Every Possible Manner

Although it has not had the same great success as Facebook, Twitter remains a very powerful tool that has changed the way of communicating and making itself known to the rest of the world, those who do business cannot rely solely on one channel, but must exploit everything is available to increase popularity.

For this reason it is necessary to take into consideration other social channels such as Twitter and implement an effective corporate web marketing strategy , taking into account its 300 million active users per month, of which 4.7 million registered. For the twitter trends this is a very important option.

In fact, this social network is very valuable as a customer relationship service, sales support and direct assistance.

What are the advantages of using Twitter for your company?

There are so many useful and competitive advantages in using Twitter for your business , below we summarize the five most important reasons.

Increased brand popularity

On Twitter the characters are limited, for this reason you need to choose a type of direct communication, trying to express clear concepts, prefer a genuine and spontaneous style, never too formal, which favors interaction with followers.

The purpose is to establish a friendly relationship with followers and trust with potential customers, in order to increase the popularity of the brand.

Ability to monitor brand reputation

On the web we talk about the company, for this reason it is good to check the hashtags, the conversations and the users, trying to understand the opinion they have about the services and the products they offer.

Offer assistance in real time

On Twitter, many users talk about the products they buy, so it can be the best channel to provide immediate assistance, allowing solid relationships with them.

In fact, the quality of this social channel is to use it not only to communicate, but above all to dialogue with customers, even potential ones.


On Facebook it is necessary for users to follow a page of a brand, while on Twitter it is possible to be followed by users outside the personal network, thanks to hashtags and the possibility of starting conversations with their target audience, taking part in dialogue and expressing opinions on various topics.

Use Twitter to expand your offer

With Twitter you can decide to create new opportunities for the use of products / services and interaction with users, you can launch special offers, convey initiatives and new ways to purchase, or organize auctions in real time.

How to best use Twitter for marketing

The platform provides many tools that serve to amplify the popularity of your brand and to increase dialogue and interaction.


Hashtags are used to group information in a given topic so that you can quickly find all the conversations around it.