Best MKV players available for Mac

One of the major issues that the users of Mac go through is the selection of a good video player and that too for MKV files. Here, we are suggesting some of them, with their detailed explanation and you will definitely find it useful.

  1. XBMC

The first and foremost MKV player for Mac should be XBMC, as the features that it has is perfect for playing the MKV videos and that too on Mac. If someone wants to have the best out of the XBMC application, then he or she should get the link of the video that they want to see and then should paste that in the movies directory of the XBMC application. After that, you will see that the file that you have loaded is available for XBMC also. The interface that is developed with this application is focused mainly on media usage and is a great media device in general. Also, the application has the simplest user interface out of all the applications that can use for Mac.

  1. MplayerX

The reason for placing this application on the 2nd number of this list is that it has wonderful features altogether. The first and the most important thing about this application is that it is extremely lightweight. The interface that is designed for this application matches generally to the theme of Quick Time player’s black minimalist. If we talk about the performance of this application, then it is superb in every way. With all the excellent features that it has, you can use it as a good option for watching HD videos on Mac. What is even better is that it is available free of cost on the Apple app store. Once you will start using it, it would become one of your favorite video players. Also, it serves all the features of the free MKV file player for Mac.

  1. VLC media player 2

Seeing all the features that this particular application has in it, it could have been placed at the number one of this list, but this one is not specialized for Mac and could be used for any of the platforms. Therefore, we have placed it on the 3rd number of the list. Be it any type of video or audio file, this particular application will be ready to play all of them. So, this is suitable for MKV also. However, several times some of the users come with the complaint that their MKV file is not played with the help of VLC, which is again a reason for giving it this place in the list. You can try your luck, the majority of the times, the app has done well.

Basically, there are not applications that could be used for playing MKV files on Mac. Apart from the one listed here; you could either select one or two more. If you talk about the quality and performance, then these three are the best among all.