Benefits of The Cloud in Healthcare

Cloud computing has changed the way healthcare offices function.  The ability to utilize computer services such as servers, storage, software, and databases over the internet, or “the cloud,” provides many benefits.  Offices are able to navigate away from purchasing expensive hardware and software.  They do not have to set up huge rooms with servers and worry about paying the bill for electricity to power them and to cool them.  Plus, the IT costs for managing these huge and complicated systems adds up fast and the risk of an entire onsite system failing is very real.  However, cost and risk is only one small part of the benefits of cloud services, especially in the healthcare industry.  Cloud computing has made it easier for doctors to do their jobs and patients to obtain better care.

Electronic Records Are Safe And Easy

Electronic records are far easier to manage than paper records.  They are far simpler to archive, much better for storing images, and much easier to share.  Gone are the days are shelves upon shelves of color-coded paper files.  Now, if a patient needs to switch doctors or see a specialist, the records can be shared with a click of a button.  This will increase productivity and save many hours dealing with paper records.  Doctors can also easily collaborate.  A whole group of doctors can be looking at one file and video conference about the best course of action for a patient.  This alone can save lives.

Share And Track

The healthcare industry can also utilize the cloud to share and track data.  Doctors can more easily spot trends, share their findings, and generate referrals.  Data can be shared to create larger pools of information and therefore be able to develop new drugs, streamline treatment options, and find potential environmental factors that could be causing health problems in a population.  Access to more high-powered data solutions from the cloud can also allow for more complicated programs and the ability to analyze very large sets of data. This would have been impossible with a small computer system.


Telemedicine can also take off thanks to the cloud.  The ability to provide healthcare from a distance is becoming a reality.  People in remote places who do not have access to healthcare can now have a virtual doctor visit.  Telemedicine can also save lives in an emergency situation, allowing students to observe experts in the field, and help prevent the spread of infectious diseases or parasites.

Worldwide Network

Cloud computing services provide a worldwide network of protected data centers.  These are regularly upgraded and can far outperform any in-house system.  The security they provide is also much better.  Healthcare offices can rest easy knowing that the data of their patients are well protected.  The cloud brings the world together.  Information can be shared at the click of a button.  Nearly every industry in the world can be improved thanks to cloud technology and employees are finding new ways every day to make the cloud work better for their company.  This technology is sure to help continually improve healthcare and hopefully save more lives along the way.