Benefits of PPC Auditing

Paid per Click audits are an absolute must whether you are a pro or amateur in paid search. In the same you need to service your car to ensure its functionality is at its best, PPC audits ensure that your marketing is in line with your business goals. An audit is done periodically so as to optimize and refresh your marketing campaigns. There are several benefits of performing a PPC and these include:

Ensuring all is well

Although this may seem an unnecessary endeavor, it may come as a surprise that some of your campaign elements are not working as well as you assume they do. You may find that the conversation is not tracking properly; URLs on the site have been altered but your customers are still directed to the old ones; the content on the landing page has changed or has been redirected to something completely different. Any of these will result in low scores in quality. Worse still is finding out that the conversation goal was set improperly and has been giving you wrong campaign conversions. Hence, an audit is extremely necessary to ensure the wheels are turning as they ought to.

An opportunity to re-strategize

Once you establish that all is well with your account, you need to polish up your marketing advertisements. Use previous data to guide you and eliminate what did not work while maintaining that which worked well. You can reorganize your keywords and ad groups so that allowing them to be more relevant to the search queries entered by users. Removing wasteful keywords, adding new ones, and moving the keywords in a strategic way will improve your campaign. Take advantage of PPC management platforms to make your advertising much simpler.

Improve Performance

Improving performance is the ultimate goal of PPC audits. An audit gives you a concrete indication that all the effort in auditing has resulted in more conversions, higher rates of click-through, increased ROI, among other goals. Once you know that a particular keyword placed in, for example, the second headline, resulted in the highest rate of click-through, you can use this to a successful outcome in future ads. You will also avoid expensive keywords that have not led to any conversions.

Helps in your analytical skills

In today’s PPC and SEO driven world, analytics have become very important. An audit will help your marketing team to gain more knowledge on the process of analytics which saves you time on setting up new advertisement campaigns while optimizing on the current campaigns. If you want your customers to find you, you will need to optimize your website for search. Adding analytical knowledge as a skill will help your current campaign in a significant way. You will spend more time doing what you ought to in helping your potential customers purchase the services and products they need.

There is no definite time that you will need to perform a PPC audit; however, it is recommended that you carry it out once every three months.  The best time will be just before the peak season for your business industry. It is also good to do an audit when the performance of your account reaches saturation levels.