Benefits of Adjustable beds for rest

The benefits of sleeping on an Adjustable bed are numerous. One of the main advantages of Adjustable beds is that we can adopt an ergonomically correct posture while we sleep. Having a sleeping position that allows maintaining the natural curvature of the spine during sleep, we avoid many discomforts and problems that prevent us from resting deeply. But adjustable beds still offer us more benefits.

Adjustable beds technical configuration

Adjustable beds have two motors, one for the head elevation and the second for the foot elevation. Articulated bed of four planes and three joints has approximate articulation angles: trunk 72º / legs 40º.

Accessories for Adjustable beds:

Finally a wide variety of accessories will help us improve the aesthetics and / or functionality of the Adjustable beds.

  • Bed rails: prevent falls and injuries.
  • Incorporating triangle: allow the user to incorporate or rotate autonomously
  • Headboards: besides improving the aesthetics they help people with dementias cannot get up at night
  • Bedside tables: facilitate food, reading or work
  • Bed restraint systems: help prevent falls and self-injury.

Why buy an Adjustable bed?

A disadvantage offered by traditional beds for optimal rest is their inability to distribute pressure evenly throughout the entire surface. This increases the tension in the heart, forcing it to work harder to provide the oxygen needed for the body through the bloodstream.

An Adjustable bed frame allows adjusting the angles of the surface reducing the tension on the heart and favouring blood circulation. The Adjustable beds allow solving specific questions of each person that a traditional bed does not offer.

  • A: Inclination of the trunk plane. Between 0º and 70º, essential to avoid uncomfortable postures.
  • B: Knee rising. Between 0º and at least 12º, it allows raising the legs more and resting them by favouring the venous return.
  • C: Flexion of the body. Greater than 90º, this angle is key to avoid uncomfortable postures.
  • D: Inclination of feet. It must be adjustable between 0º and at least 20º.

Sometimes we cannot maintain a correct posture when sleeping on a flat surface, which increases tension in the muscles and joints, reducing rest and body recovery. The Adjustable beds allow a personalized support, suitable for different parts of your body such as: head, lower back or legs and feet.

Another benefit of the Adjustable bed bases is its use for people with difficulties to move or people who have to stay in bed for a long time.

There are Adjustable bed models that not only offer horizontal articulation, but also allow the bed to be raised and lowered electrically.

Health problems that improve when you start using the Adjustable beds

Some of the health problems for which Adjustable beds can provide temporary or long term relief are:

  • Low back pain
  • Shoulder and neck tension
  • Pain caused by arthritis
  • Asthma or other respiratory problem
  • Acid reflux
  • Swollen feet or legs
  • Neck pain, back pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Lack of mobility of the joints
  • Heart problems