Autocap App For Live Selfies From Live Hd Satellite Of Earth

All of us are fond of taking selfies. They have become an important part of our daily life. They could simply be taken to treasure a memory or share it on any of the social media platforms. At times, we require someone to take selfies for us simply because we have posed in a certain or unable to hold the phone. Many of us miss family pictures as we volunteered to step out and snap the picture.  Worry no more, Auto Cap App for Live Selfies from Live HD Satellite of Earth would make it all easier for us now. It will be a mobile application that would capture selfies automatically from live HD imaging satellites running through an application on our smartphones or tablets.

The app enables the user to adjust the view, put the phone away and let it do the rest of the job for you. Here you go, the picture will be automatically captured.

How to operate the app?

The user needs to download the application. Turn on the GPS on the mobile phone. Live HD video will appear as soon as the application starts working. The user just simply has to click Autocap on the screen to take the selfie where ever and whenever required. The user would have enough time to pose before the picture is captured. The picture will be saved to your device and it is at the discretion of the user to keep it or delete it.

Captures Beautiful Pictures

The app will help the user to capture some of the breathtaking views and scenic images. It can capture anything around you and do not necessarily requires you to be in the picture.

Free Download

The AUTOCAP APP could be downloaded for free. It will be accessible to all with as low as $4.99 for a monthly subscription. The amount of subscription taken from the users will be used to further develop the application. It is kept less to make this app affordable to everyone.


The application will take beautiful pictures of the users anywhere. No one would have to miss pictures anymore.

Making World a Safe Place

The application will also be used for safety purposes to monitor crimes. The criminals would think several times to commit any illegal act as he would know that all his acts are being recorded and monitored all the time.

This app would make our life easier with features to capture selfies automatically. We simply have to click and the app will take the selfie by itself without us operating it will capturing a picture. NASA is working on a somewhat similar project for the public to watch any place on Earth from any part of the world. If this proves to be successful, this would serve as a major development in the world of camera and photography and would lessen the work for humans as everything will be captured automatically.

This invention would be one of its kind so pour your maximum support to make this application a hit.