Amazing Tech Ideas to Make your Exhibition Booth Stand out

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A trade show is a great way to personally connect with potential customers, showcase your other products and learn from industry leaders and even competition. But with probably hundreds of other stands, it can be really difficult to grab the attention of the people in a trade show.

Not worry, there are ingenious tactics you can use to lure visitors to your booth and show them what your brand is all about.

As we are living in a hi-tech era, these methods are sure to help you really stand out and get noticed by the crowd.

Dazzle the crowd with a game show

Include in your booth gaming apps, virtual price wheels, or any kind of game you feel people will get excited about.

But don’t deviate from your business objectives, ensure as the crowd is enjoying the games they also learn about your products and brand.

Launch digital scavenger hunt 

Augmented reality is one of the hottest technology trends now and there is no better way to make good use of its popularity than incorporating a virtual scavenger hunt. The audience will enjoy finding hidden objects and clues throughout your virtual product store.

Create a Video Wall

An interactive video wall will catch the attention of the crowd quickly than print displays and banners.

Provide power outlets for electronic device charging

Give your audience a reason to stay longer by offering phone charging station in your booth. Chat with them as they charge their phones but don’t come across as a salesperson, they might run away.

Offer a virtual reality tour

Use virtual reality to give the audience a 360 video tour of your business including the products, the projects that are still underway, or your offices.

A virtual tour is a great way to attract the crowd and create a lasting impression on their brain about your brand.

Offer free Wi-Fi

When they come to your booth, let them access free wireless connection. Ask them if they can share your products online with their followers.

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