Always Choose An Easy To Use Free CRM Software For Better Results

There are different types of CRM platforms, and tools that you get both are free and premium variants. No matter which type you choose to use, make sure that it is easy to use. Ideally, most of the CRM systems today are so designed that it is even easy to use by a person who has not operated and handled more complicated than email. In addition to the easy to use features, these free CRM software and systems also come with intuitive and informative video tutorials that are built in the app along with different articles. Always choose a company that has an efficient support team around the clock just a few clicks away.

The design factors

Choose the CRM system after looking at features, abilities, and designs. It is the design of the system that will make the best desktop CRM system that will help you to perform all or any of the functions more effectively. It should have clean and clear navigation icons. Ideally, all of these icons should be easily recognizable initially. In case if it is not, then it should allow you to look for the description of it that should hover around it. If the system is designed and manufactured by a reliable company, then it will have visible buttons for sending an email, creating leads, adding a task, chatting with a teammate, and getting help from a rep.

Offer quick access

With all the buttons and icons clearly shown on the screen, you will have easy and quick access to the features that you often use and get adequate support as and when required. Whether you are using an email management system or a faculty information management system, the features that you need to set up must also be made foolproof or nearly foolproof, at least. For example, when you are working with the workflows, the tool must show different aspects of it, such as automation of various tasks, deals, leads, and appointments. The main screen must also provide articles and videos showing how to configure a workflow. Though it may seem as essential, most of the CRMs will do your search for such info, surprisingly and annoyingly.

Proper support required

When using a tool, it is evident that you will get stuck somewhere at some point in time. If you do get stuck anywhere, the system should have features where you can call, email, or chat live with a technical team member for immediate support. If you need to be educated for any non-product related matters, the product should provide an extensive webinar catalog. This should include everything from business growth topics to management techniques, preferably by the known experts of the industry.

Consolidate social streams real-time

Without the use of social media platforms, a business cannot survive. It especially helps in the marketing of the business. These systems should help you to integrate and consolidate your social streams on Facebook or Twitter in real-time. This will enable you to see the full profiles of the customers and interact with them the same way as in a social app.