All You Should Know About phantom 3 quadcopter

With the advent of advanced scientific technology, aerial photography and video making has achieved a new height! The consumer market is booming with aerial drones. A majority of people nowadays are increasingly investing in this ‘aerial miracle’ especially those who have a knack for photography and video making. One of the best aerial drones offered in the market is by a Chinese start-up called DJI. The phantom 3 quadcopter by DJI is one of the trending variants of drones which have attracted worldwide attention. Below-mentioned are some the most important features that you should know about the phantom 3 quadcopter in case you’re planning to invest in the same.

More Revolution than Evolution

When the phantom 3 quadcopter was announced in the market, most of the people thought that the drone would be an evolution or an extension of the products in the Phantom range. But after exploration many found it to be more capable and advanced as compared to its Phantom counterparts. The compact frame of the drone is one the most salient features.

Advanced features

The phantom 3 quadcopter comprises of a ‘flying tripod structure’ along with a stable camera. The camera offers a high resolution which is suitable for taking clear pictures and videos from an entirely new perspective. Apart from this, the company has incorporated an advanced GPS system which has the ability to use the satellites used in the US as well Russian. This would facilitate a stronger location analysis. The motor controls and the propulsion system has been designed using sturdy material which is able to withstand large amounts of force. Also, the feature of ‘active braking’ will allow users to manoeuvre and stop the drone without any hassles.

New heights of technology

The smooth and controlled navigation of phantom 3 quadcopter makes it a ‘powerful avian’. A sense of control is accomplished while flying the drone and the smooth functioning of it instils a vibe of confidence in the ‘pilot’.  When it comes to the maximum height, the altitude hobbies of the drone are quite vast. Pilots can fly the drone up to a maximum height of 500 metres. The A-mode in the drone would prevent the drones from illegally exceeding the altitude limit. In case users fly it out of limit, they can still control it but the phantom 3 quadcopter wouldn’t fly any further. Moreover, in a non-GPS mode if the drones fly exceed maximum radius limit, it will automatically return to the normal range within a couple of minutes.


Thus, the features like improved battery life, advanced software, compact design, upgraded camera will not at all disappoint you. Overall, the phantom 3 quadcopter is one of the best available drones in the market which would surely prove to a kick-start to your photography and video making hobbies.