Advantages of VoIP over Conventional Lines


If you are starting a new business, one of the first things that you will need is reliable access to phone system like those from BV Communications that will help you stay connected with your clients.

The older phone systems are quite expensive other than the fact that they are tough to reconfigure or scale up or down depending on the business.

However, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses a phone technology that implements broadband internet connections and it is hosted by the VoIP systems that offers hosts of advantages over the old system.

Here are some of the advantages of hosted VoIP systems over the conventional phones:

  • Easier to Install, Configure and Maintain

Internet Protocol phones are easy to install, even for those with inadequate technical knowledge. It is easy and cheap to add new users via the hosted VoIP software.

Also, a convenient web portal will make it easy to add, change or move the system’s configuration. IP phones are all you need. If you have that, then there is no need to install software.

  • Easy to Scale Up or Down

When you have set up your business, it is very hard to predict how many employees you would need for a year and accordingly the number of phones. Things get tough if you are using the traditional phone system as you will have to make a careful estimation of phone lines to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

However, with VoIP system, you can easily add a line when you have a new employee and remove one when someone quits. Therefore, the no. of phone line will perfectly match with the no. of employees. There will be no question of wastage or deficiency.

  • Employees’ Numbers Follow Them

Hosted VoIP systems are simply terrific for your business, especially when there is a lot of field work or re-location required. The calls could be easily diverted to simply anywhere across the globe via the cloud-hosted VoIP phone system. 

  • Save Big Bucks on Hosted VoIP

‘Money Saved is Money Earned’ they say and hosted VoIP phone system does just that. Physical system changes, maintenance, and repairs are much cheaper when compared to the legacy system.

Not just this, the installation cost of hosted VoIP systems is also cheap and the call cost itself is significantly less expensive. So, if your business requires a lot of international calls then hosted VoIP phone system is what you need to be looking into. They are also a great option for capital investments.

The Bottom Line

With the host of advantages offered by VoIP phone systems, it simply doesn’t make sense if you are not using this impressive technology for your business.