A Useful Guide On Smart Calendar Thync – Its Benefits And Features

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Time is the most precious thing that you can gift someone with. But due to the busy events and schedules of life, everyone misses out on something or the other. And this especially becomes a problem when struggling to manage time between family, friends and work. Despite the reminders you set, the chances that you’ll be able to fill all the gaps is impossible. But not anymore. With the advent of next-gen Digital Calendar by Vitec Gmbh – Smart Calendar Thync – you’ll be able to fulfill all your commitments and relish those memories for the lifetime.

What Is Smart Calendar Thync?

Thync is a display that shows you valuable information including a real-time synchronizing family calendar that interacts with your digital calendars. In other words, this family planner Kickstarter is a smart digital organizer that keeps a tab on all the important events of your life – personal as well as professional – and reminds you of all your commitments.

Why Only Smart Calendar Thync?

Naturally, since there is a bundle of digital calendars in the market, it’s obvious that one would think what’s so special about Thync.

Well, to address this concern, you must know that Thync is a wireless multipurpose digital calendar that can be used as a digital photo frame and a digital weather station. Besides, it also offers daily news feeds, soccer updates, and cinema program. So, subscribe to the newsletter to save 30% and to get timely updates about the launch of Smart Calendar Thync on Kickstarter from 7th April 2019.

What Are The Best Features That Make Thync Worthy Of So Much Attention?

Built with a precise technology, Thync has a high-speed core processor for swift navigation between your personalized pages. The features that are most noteworthy include the following.

  • It has onboard sensors and buttons for navigation. It also has a gesture control function that provides unprecedented ease and intuitive control
  • Thanks to intuitive gesture control, you can switch between functions with a simple hand movement.
  • It works with cloud to enable worldwide control
  • It has a high-performance Li-ion battery

What Are The Benefits Of Smart Calendar Thync?

Available in black and white, Thync can be customized with any background of your choice. The best benefits that it offers are given below.

  • It allows easy sharing of pictures and memories with loved ones
  • Since it has a strong TFT display screen, 10.1-inch, with 1024×600 resolution, the screen is ultra clear and bright
  • You can personalize all functions and settings to meet your personal taste. Using an inspiration or memorable personal background, fit the functions to your personal needs or change the design as you see fit