A Guide to Buying Things on the Dark Web

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Shopping on the dark web isn’t as simple as buying something off Amazon, and it requires some specific tactics. Now, as a disclaimer, we’re not saying anyone should use these methods; we’re merely showing how the process works. With that said, here’s a how-to guide on buying things on the dark web.

The Dangers of Shopping on the Dark Web

One of the biggest issues with buying anything on the dark web is someone discovering our identity. Whether it’s the seller, people running that market, or even law enforcement, someone finding out who we are is a huge safety issue.


Also, there’s always the small, but real, chance of getting ripped off on the dark web when visiting a dark web market. Since we never know who we’re doing business with, a seller could scam us and disappear with all our money.

Protection Methods

Some recommended practices can help shoppers stay safe while shopping on the dark web.

Using Tor

To even gain access to the dark web, all users have to download Tor. One of the biggest benefits of using Tor compared to any other browser is that no one can monitor our activities. 


So, we will stay completely anonymous while surfing the nefarious side of the web. However, by combining Tor with Tails, which is a unique OS, we can increase our security and online safety.

Using a VPN

While the info about our traffic is encrypted, someone could still know who we are by looking up our IP address. That’s why we always recommend using a VPN, even when browsing the “clear net.” A VPN will protect our identity, location, and we can adjust the privacy settings to fit what we need.

Using Cryptocurrency

One of the biggest mistakes someone could make while buying off the dark web is using a credit or debit card. Their bank, along with law enforcement, would have complete insight into their purchase. Instead, it’s best to open a crypto wallet and buy some cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Litecoin. 

Using an Anonymous Email

Another critical point is to use a dedicated and anonymous email service, with false personal information. We shouldn’t put any more information than the seller requires for the purchase, and it should be random.

Using a Dead Drop

Another way to ensure that neither the seller and buyer get into trouble is to use a dead drop for the delivery. Of course, this comes with its own dangers as we never know if the dead drop is being monitored.

Final Thoughts

For obvious reasons, shopping on the dark web isn’t a convenient or straightforward process. There are a lot of safety and privacy steps we have to take before making the purchase. Even then, buying something from the dark web is a risky business. 

With all that said, it’s best not to buy anything from the dark web as it can be dangerous, and it’s almost always illegal.