A Brief Insight into Oracle and AWS

These days, there are tons of different options available when it comes to computer application. There are wide ranges of different types of software which have helped companies achieve their business goals. Besides, there are various other sectors where these software applications are being used. DBMS or database Management System is one mechanism which is the most common and popular one. As the name suggests, it is used for storing, handling and managing tons of data. There are different types of DBMS which are being used; Oracle and AWS are two of the most common types. These two applications have become indispensible these days, when it comes to managing data

What is Oracle?

It is basically a rational database management mechanism. It is known by multiple different names like Oracle Database, Oracle or Oracle DB. This particular application has been developed by Oracle Corporation. As far as enterprise grid computing is concerned, Oracle is the first database to be designed. When it comes to enterprise grid computing, it offers the most cost effective and flexible means for managing application and information

Oracle is available in different editions. They are as follows:

  • Standard Edition: It offers base functionality
  • Enterprise Edition: This is considered to be the most secured and robust edition as far as Oracle is concerned.
  • Express Edition: This is a free edition and is compatible with both Linux and Windows
  • Oracle Lite: This particular edition has been developed for the mobile devices.

As far as Database Management System is concerned, Oracle is considered to be the most reliable and user friendly one

What is AWS?

AWS or Amazon Web Services is considered to the most broadly adopted and comprehensive cloud platform which offers more than 165 different types of services throughout the world from the data centers. Millions of companies from all over the globe, which includes startups, big business houses, government agencies and others, rely on AWS to strengthen their infrastructure and to become more powerful and agile. Besides, it is also quite cost effective.

When it comes to Oracle Cloud vs AWS, both of them are cloud based applications and have a wide range of different types of features and benefits to offer. Oracle being the oldest form of DBMS is slightly ahead of AWS in terms of popularity. However, AWS has emerged over the years as one of the most reliable and trusted cloud application services.