7 Things to Check When Buying a New Printer

Even when you are too naive, buying a laptop is still easier than going on a printer hunt. It’s because printers are not as widely bought and used as laptops. Moreover, these printing machines are complex inventions, they should be bought with the same attention as any other technology.

There are a few things you need to look for. Since you are planning to get a printer for yourself, here are the seven things that you should never forget to check;

  • Type
  • Speed
  • Print quality
  • Connectivity
  • Paper format
  • Support
  • Budget



When you set out to buy printers, you will be introduced to seven different types of printers.

  • Inkjet printers
  • Laser printers
  • Solid ink printers
  • Continuous ink printers
  • LED printers
  • Dot-matrix printers
  • A3 printers

The printers that are most commonly used in offices and homes are inkjet and laser printers. The inkjet printers produce output by spraying ink onto the paper. Whereas the latest technology known as the “laser printer” produces high-quality texts and graphics using laser technology.



If you have to do a lot of printing, speed matters. Or even if you do not have to do a lot of printing, buying a fast printer would be a wise decision to make. The slow printers might be cheap but they drag on your daily productivity. The printing speed is measured in PPM(pages per minute) so do not forget to ask what’s the printer’s PPM? If you ask for our recommendation, buy a printer with a speed somewhere between 20ppm to 40ppm.

Print quality


If the printer is going to be used in an office, the printer should give professional-grade results. Since laser and inkjet are the two most commonly used printers, laser printers produce superior results as compared to inkjet printers. If a laser printer is not economical for you, pay attention to the printhead, printer’s driver and the quality of ink printer use to determine how good the print quality would be.




Even though the world has progressed, the market is still crowded with printers that support wired connectivity. If you are low on budget, you have to get the typical printers. However, if getting more advanced technology is your concern, you can demand a model that supports WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity.


Paper format


8.5 x 14 in is the legal paper size. Unfortunately, some printers have a way too small scanner bed to accept a legal paper size. So, the paper format requires your undivided attention as well.




Even though all the printer manufacturers should provide a little after-sale support. The most advanced models can be tricky to use so there must be someone to guide you in your hour of need. Never overlook this aspect if disappointeto end up disappointed.



Lastly, you should not be starving just because you bought a printer this month. Whenever you have to buy something, determine your budget and stick to it. Do some research, compare the features, prices, and decide what does not demand you to forget your budget.