6 Best Tech Gadgets For Dad

You love your Dad, and your Dad loves technology — so how do you find a gift that’s sure to wow him? Skip the boring old tie or another pair of socks, and instead invest in a tech gadget for Dad that will leave him raving for years to come.

Whether your father is into gaming, home improvement, or wants to amp up his fitness routine, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out all about the best tech gadgets for Dad, and get ready to earn the title of Master Gift Giver!

Gaming Headset

If your Dad loves unwinding with his favorite video game, a gaming headset is a must-have gadget. There are some great Xbox One headsets that come equipped with a wealth of great features, from crystal-clear sound quality that lets them hear every noise in their game to microphones that make every word they utter heard with perfect clarity. Your Dad will be blown away by how much this improves his gameplay, and will love the surround sound that keeps him from getting distracted by anything going on around him.

Indoor Security Camera

For the father that likes to keep an eye on things — even when he’s away from home — an indoor security camera is the ideal gift. He can set it up anywhere in his house to stay aware of what’s going on when he’s out and about. Video is streamed directly to his smartphone, meaning he can check in while on the go. Many even come with speakers and a microphone, so your Dad can listen in — and speak with — anyone who might stop by for an unexpected visit.

Fitness Smartwatch

Fight back against Dad bod with a smartwatch that’s packed with fun features. A fitness smartwatch will allow your father to track his daily steps, weight, blood pressure, and more. It’s a great choice for the Dad who’s training for a marathon, looking to lift more than ever, or even just spend more time getting active and feeling great. He’ll love all the different features, and you’ll love contributing to his health and well-being.


If your Dad loves to get lost in a good book, a nice e-reader is the gift that keeps on giving. You can pick a sleek, streamlined design that slips easily into most bags so he can carry his whole library with him wherever he goes. The battery life will keep him busy for hours, and he can download hundreds of different books depending on his interests. It’s a great choice for the Dad who loves to chill out on the beach and read, or the father with a passion for literature who’s running out of room for his paper library.

Action Camera

Photography is a popular hobby with people of all ages, and that includes Dads. If your father loves capturing special moments, an action camera could be the gadget of his dreams. These provide astoundingly clear picture quality, and the images can be edited and adjusted as needed. He can even download them to his smartphone or laptop so he can share them with the whole family. Your family vacation photos will look better than ever!

Programmable Coffee Maker

Is your Dad a slave to caffeine? Then prove why you’re his favorite child with a high-tech programmable coffee maker. These come with apps that can be downloaded directly to his smartphone, allowing him to determine the exact time his coffee is made — and the way it comes out. Finicky fathers will adore the customization features, which help to ensure every single cup is exactly the way he likes it. He can get up in the morning with his coffee steaming and ready to go, and sail out the door fully caffeinated and ready to take on the world.