5 Ways How Dome Camera Improves the Security

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Most commercial premises and residential buildings that have a surveillance system installed have a dome CCTV camera. You would have noted the small dome-shaped camera, which is typically mounted on the ceiling or in the corner of a room of the commercial premises. The black-coloured tint makes it hard for the potential intruders and the miscreants to know exactly which direction the camera is pointing at. The dome CCTV camera is known for its versatility, which makes it the preferred choice of surveillance camera among both home and business owners. If you are looking for a robust surveillance system, here are five ways how dome camera can provide the best safety cover you are looking for:

  • Prevents potential theft/intrusion

No matter, if you are a home or a business owner, you would surely want to the keep the intruders and the unsolicited individuals away from entering your premises by making it clear to them that the premises is under surveillance and that they are being watched. Typically, the dome security cameras are installed at a vantage point and are visible from a distance. Besides, dome CCTV camera, owing to its dark glass tint and the unique shape it is easily noticeable to the naked eye.

  • It is impossible to know the direction of the camera

The lens inside most security camera rotates in a circular motion, so even the smartest criminals who think they can outsmart the security camera would fail. Because of the unique dome shape of the camera, it is nearly impossible for anyone to know which direction the camera is facing exactly. This makes it hard for the intruders and the thieves to identify a blind spot, and there are high chances that their attempts to break-in will fail.

  • Covers a wide area

This is another significant feature of the dome-shaped security camera. Their unique structure and the constant rotation of the lens enables them to cover a wide area. Thus, it allows you to expand the field of view and keep track of a large area with a single camera. With a single camera, you can cover the entire vicinity of the house, including the front door and the lawn area.

  • Night vision

Majority of the crimes take place worldwide, happens at night. It is therefore paramount that you have a robust surveillance system that protects your property and loved ones in the dark as well. This is where the dome security cameras are a big boon. The high-end models have a night vision capability. You can capture and record clear images and videos in the low and poor light conditions. This means that you get round the clock protection.

  • Durable and affordable

One of the most important things that anyone looks for in a security system is durability and affordability. Dome security camera offers you both. These security systems are affordable and easy to install. Besides, once installed correctly, they continue to work efficiently for several years without any need for any maintenance.

Now that you know the benefits of a dome security camera, it is high time that you install this system in your home and ensure the safety of your home and family members.