5 tips to prevent residential break-ins and theft

Budget-Friendly Tips to Prevent Home Break-Ins While You're Away

The number of robberies in India seem to be increasing by the day. As per Statista, the country reported over 24,000 cases in 2021. Thus, there is a rise in the need for home security services across the country.

While there are multiple ways to secure your homes from burglars and intruders, we’ve enlisted some of the best tips below. Here, take a look:

  1. Install a security system

Well, this is quite important! It is one of the fool-proof ways of preventing burglaries. So, ensure that your house is protected with the best security systems. You can also go ahead and invest in a high-quality home security camera like Airtel Xsafe that comes with a night vision.

While installing a security camera, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Brand reputation
  • Customer service
  • Monthly costs
  • Home monitoring service
  1. Brighten up the landscape

Burglaries don’t usually occur in broad daylight. Since it is more likely to take place at night-time, see to it that you install outdoor lighting. It helps in keeping the intruders away from your homes, especially when dusk creeps in.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, the following ones mentioned below work best:

  • Smart-light bulbs
  • Solar-powered lights
  • Motion-activated lights
  1. Shut the doors & windows

Doors and windows are the common entry points. So, see to it that you never leave the house without locking up. Double-check the doors and windows to ensure they are secure. Also, make it a habit to keep them shut even when you’re indoors.

Secure your doors and windows with the following tips given below:

  • Plant prickly bushes under windows
  • Include window bars
  • Invest in door and window sensors
  • Install smart locks
  1. Lock the garage

Apart from windows and doors, garages also happen to be common entry points. So, make it a habit to lock up the garage to keep it safe every time you decide to leave the house.

Below are a few tips that will keep your garage secure when you’re away:

  • Make use of a zip-tie to lock the release lever
  • Lock the tracks with a padlock or a C-clamp
  • Invest in a driveway alarm
  • Buy home automation
  • Install a slide lock
  1. Secure the wifi

An unsecured wireless network is vulnerable to malicious activities, such as cyber-attacks, data thefts, breaches, and so forth. Therefore, it is important to protect your wifi router to prevent any harm. So, see to it that you protect your Wifi with the following steps mentioned below:

  • Enable Wifi Protected Access (WPA) or WPA2
  • Create a strong username and password
  • Hide your network from outsiders
  • Make use of a firewall
  • Install an anti-virus software

Besides the above-mentioned tips, we’ve also listed some other precautions that work best for preventing break-ins and thefts:

  • Have door hinges on the inside
  • Avoid leaving keys under doormats and planters
  • Trim down the shrubs and bushes to ensure that the thieves don’t use them as a hiding place
  • Don’t broadcast your vacation plans on social media
  • Hide your valuables
  • Form a watch group with your neighbours. That way, you’ll know when there’s something wrong in the neighbourhood
  • Shut the blinds and curtains
  • Don’t let daily deliverables, such as letters, newspapers, or flyers stack up on the doorway
  • Keep your vehicles out of sight.

Figuring out the security of homes is no longer a chore. The above-mentioned tips and tweaks make it easy to protect the houses with the right security cameras, outdoor lighting, smart locks, and so forth. Thank us, later!