4 Features of Membership Management Systems That Can Help You Scale

A membership management system allows you to store information about members and their membership status. This includes things like profiles, billing, and even member communications. Members can be individuals or organizations and can belong to any type of organization—a gym or a professional association, for example. This article will cover four simple features of using a membership management system that can scale as your business grows.

What is a membership management system?

A membership management system is a type of software that helps businesses manage membership and subscription services. They can be used to manage a variety of member-related activities, including processing payments, managing new members, and offering rewards or incentives to existing customers.  The best membership management systems can also help you create and track special offers, calculate member discounts automatically, and more.

Create a simple landing page

Your landing page should be simple, yet engaging. It should provide prospects with a clear understanding of what they will get by signing up for your membership program. Make sure that the benefits of joining are clearly stated so that there is no confusion or uncertainty about why someone would sign up for your program. To do so, create an enticing call-to-action button that prompts users to complete the registration process by providing an incentive.

Create an event calendar

Creating an event calendar is a great way to create a full calendar of your membership events. This way, members can see what’s happening in their community and plan around it. This will also help you understand how often your members are using the space so that you can make sure enough classes and workshops are being offered to meet demand. And it makes sense for members to see what’s coming up before they sign up for anything, so they know if they’ll be able to commit or not.

Store member information securely in the cloud

If you’re building a membership management system, using a cloud-based system is the best way to store member information securely. If you’re going to use a cloud-based system, it’s important that you also use a secure payment processor.

Add payment processing

Now that you have a membership management system, you can easily add payment processing. Two of the  main options are Stripe and PayPal. Both of these processors have built-in integrations, so adding them is as simple as clicking a button in settings panel. Some membership management systems have built-in integrations for these companies, so it’s worth checking before choosing one over the other.

Be aware that while these payment processors offer state-of-the-art security features like encrypted data transmission and SSL encryption between their servers and yours, they aren’t necessarily HIPAA compliant. This is important for people who run membership programs in the healthcare space where they may need to be in compliance with HIPAA. As such, you need to review them carefully before deciding whether or not they’ll work for your organization’s needs.


Building a membership management system is not as difficult as you might think. With these tools in place, and the ability to effectively manage your members, you’re on your way to creating a highly profitable business and building an audience of loyal customers who will return again and again.