4 Best Smartwatches to Buy

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In this world of technology, nothing is remained untouched with the advancement of technology. With every new technology, there are many new features which are added in our day to day life. We are going to talk about smartwatches today. Yeah! This segment of the market is flourishing at a very high pace and hence making people inclined towards the smartwatchesmore due to their killer features. They are not only designed to look good but also provide so many high-end features which are mind-blowing. So, if you are convinced enough to go for a smartwatch but is very confused about what to go for, then we are here with the list of the top smartwatches in the world which are going to suit well in your hands. The list goes like this:

Apple Watch Series 4

Bearing the flag of the best smartwatches, Apple is standing on top of the mountain. It has released so many series of smartwatches till now and is continuing to provide new features with every launch. If we talk about the specifications of the watch, then it is a watchOS 5-based Apple Watch, which comes in 40mm and 44mm display sizes which is considerably larger viewing area on the OLED screen as compared to its previous generation. Under the hood, the Apple S4 SoC is there to power the device which is a 64-bit dual-core processor and a new GPU. This new processor is claimed to provide the twice the performance speed when compared to the older Apple Watch Series 3. There are next-gen accelerometer and gyroscope which are present to detect hard falls.

With the help of new ECG app, Apple has provided an electrical heart rate sensor which is paired with optical sensors to enable the recording of an ECG. In order to have a better experience for phone calls, Siri, and Walk-Talkie, the speakers are also improved which are able to now provide 50% more improved sound quality as compared to generation 3. Also, you will now find the microphone on the right side of Apple Watch Series 4 which is able to reduce echo and give the better sound quality ever due to the new Digital Crown.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

If you own an Android device from any of the companies, then you can go for Samsung Galaxy watch. It uses Samsung’s own Tizen software and sometimes it is best to switch to this software as compared to Google’s Wear OS. The watch comes as a successor of Gear S3 and it comes in both 42mm and 46mm models. This is a swim-friendly smartwatch that is built on the fitness and health features which are introduced on the S3 with more modes are added for the better sports experience like enhanced heart rate monitoring skills and better-integrated sleep tracking. These features make this watch to give a wonderful workout experience.

Tizen OS 4.0 is running the device and as we mentioned earlier that it is better than Google’s Wear OS right now. The highlighting feature of the device is that it also features the great rotating bezel for navigating the OS when you are in no mood to put your fingers on the sharp screen of the touchscreen of the watch. Whether you go for 42mm or 46mm sizes, this is going to work very well for all the iOS as well as the Android devices. Thereis also more battery life than Apple’s smartwatches.

Fitbit Versa

If you are still thinking of the other options than Samsung and Apple, then Fitbit is there to offer the best of the smartwatches for you. Not only they are competitive with them in terms of design but also provide the best features for fitness as well. If we talk about the features of the watch exclusively, then it is just like the Apple Watch Series 4, all about fitness. It has got a waterproof design, swim tracking feature and also have an onboard heart rate monitor which is there to measure workout intensity. It offers the best sleep monitoring features if we look at wrist-worn wearable. Coming to core features of the smartwatches, it offers the notifications of the messages from third-party apps which also offers the replies option if you are connected tothe Android devices. It also has an onboard music player with support for Deezer. There is an option of downloading lots of apps from Fitbit’s growing app store, while there is also various contactless payments supports via Fitbit Pay.

The smartwatch is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows smartphones and offers up to 5 days battery life which frees you from charging the watch every night. The company is now gaining the name in this market and it has also promised to offer more features which include the features of sleep apnea detection, which is likely to be present soon in future devices.

Huawei Watch 2

As one of the best-looking Wear OS devices available, Huawei Watch 2is also an option for you. The watch is available in black, titanium grey, or concrete grey and also offers the best features which make it technically impressive too. For the design and screen, it comes with the 390 x 390 pixel, 1.2-inch AMOLED screen. This makes this best among the Wear OS watches in terms of sharpness of the display. Wear OS runs the devices. It works with both iOS and Android devices but the function for iOS are limited. Talking about the core features of the device, it offers a heart rate monitor for fitness tracking. There is a Google Fit or Huawei Workout app which will keep tabs on your exercise sessions. There is a GPS will which will have a check on your jogging and cycling routes to your smartphone. It also offers the user to pair Bluetooth earbuds to the watch without a phone to listen to the music. It is IP68 water resistant and can handle 30 minutes in 1.5 meters of water and battery lasts for 2 to 3 days of full charge.

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