4 Best Preparation Tips for Class 10 CBSE Board Maths Exam

Mathematics is a subject which demands high focus and consistency to learn, particularly when students are pursuing their Class 10 academic session. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is among the recognized boards of the country which escort board exams for both 10th and 12th grades. Students, under this board, have to follow the NCERT curriculum to prepare for the exam. Therefore, we are presenting here some useful tips for students to score good marks in Maths exam.

Comprehend the Syllabus

Students should follow the latest syllabus of the academic year, as per directed by the CBSE board. By preparing the crucial topics at first, such as solving quadratic equation, practicing trigonometry problems, etc., which carries good weightage in the exam, will help students to score excellent marks.  Make a note of such topics and create a table along with marks carried by them, then prepare accordingly.

Take Reference from Textbooks

The primary source of education should be textbooks. Pupils should work on the exercise questions, present in the book. Also, study from the class notes which your maths tutors have given you. These study materials help enormously to prepare for exams.

Solve Sample Papers

Try solving sample papers and even last year question papers to know about the question pattern, asked in the final exams. It will increase your problem-solving capacity. Also, it will help to manage timings and writing speed on the board exam.

Keep Revising

Students should finish their preparation as per the syllabus, before the main exam, so that they have sufficient time to revise. Few concepts of Class 10th Maths, like a parabola, mensuration, etc., are easy to concede at once. But it takes time to understand some concepts and if not learned properly, you may forget the steps and methods to answer those questions.

Hope, all these tips will guide you to gain satisfying marks in your Maths exam.

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