3 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followers!

Your online marketing mix is incomplete without Instagram. The success of an IG account is largely determined by number of followers and likes, and while there is no strict strategy that works for every account, certain ideas are more likely to be productive. Below are 3 practical ways of increasing your Instagram followers. 

  1. Create a brand story, niche

No matter whether yours is a small brand that’s trying to break into the market, or you are an individual social influencer looking to make money through Instagram, share for share network stories do matter. The idea is to make people associate with an account. Sometimes, it could be about humor, sometimes about achievements, and for certain needs, it might be about humanizing a brand. Relatability is one aspect that differentiates a good Instagram account from others, and it should be relatable and relevant to the target audience.

  1. Use the OG tactics

A few Instagram strategies and tactics still work wonders. Here’s a quick list of things you can consider for your IG account – 

  1. Make the most of your Instagram bio. Add a website link (if you have one). Add information, like email address or details that will encourage engagement. 
  2. Use the Instagram nametag. May sound cliché, but it is one of the easiest ways to get followers to follow your account. 
  3. Find the right hashtags. Having a unique, special hashtag for your account is obviously advantageous, but you also need hashtags that relate to your niche. Keep an eye on trending but relevant hashtags. 
  4. Collaborate. Instagram influencers always try and boost each other’s likes and followers, and this could be either organic or paid. You can choose to collaborate with accounts similar to yours, or sometimes, entirely in contrast. 
  5. Follow others. If you want to gain more followers organically, you have to follow the right accounts. 


  1. Get more followers

It is possible to get followers starting at $2. Yes, there are services that offer both automated followers and instant followers. If your IG account has been stagnant or not getting any views or likes for a while, you can get a boost of instant high-quality followers and likes for really low prices. Another option is to go for automated packages, where a certain number of followers will be added to your account every day, as per the service selected. 

Instagram marketing and influencing doesn’t have to be complicated, provided you use the right steps!