3 steps to create magnetic content


“Content is king” – Bill Gates’s quote in 1996 marked the beginning of the content–centered era in digital marketing. The enormous content accumulated ever since made it harder and harder to reach target customers. That’s why businesses need to seek for alternatives to differentiate. This article, thus, dedicates to 3 core steps to produce such engaging content that set highlight your business in ocean of competition.

The essence of winning content is being customer–oriented. Instead of constantly pitching your products/services, put yourself in customers’ shoes and navigate your publications following their intention. That leads us to Step 1 – Identify target audience.

Who will be most benefited from your products/services? Get to know them in terms of ages, occupations, interests, shopping behaviors, etc. and formulate persona based on such data. Focus on 3 to 5 most profitable personas (our suggestion for small businesses) and build your content strategy surrounding their interests and needs. This will help you avoid fragmented and inconsistent communications.

Once you have your personas ready, move on to Step 2 – Structure key touchpoint.

Walk into the brain of each persona to link his/her needs with your offerings and map their possible ways to your door steps. For example, you are selling organic face masks online to woman aged 16 to 24. Three possible touchpoints for these segments are: type of skins and its respective problems; routines and possible treatments; product review and comparison. Each touchpoint should be further elaborated into crosslinked sub topics. The purpose is to create a professional brand image, hence, a trusting environment to drop the call-to-action button.

When all content is prepared, it’s time for Step 3  – Publish optimized content.

This takes us to the question of chosing the best channels to reach customers. Rule of thumb: be  where your customers are. So basically: search engines, social media and your dedicated website. How many people you know use Google as their homepage? How often do you come across someone sliding through Facebook News Feed? Given other factors are alike, would you prefer to contact a company with a well-updated and well-designed website or a primitive one?

We all know the answers: Customers want to see your information on first page of Google search result, to scan through reviews of your business on social media and to easily get what they want (either informations or products/services) on your website. That’s why search-engines-optimized content posted on responsive website and shared across social media is of great importance. You gain buyers’ interests on search engines, engage with them on social media, which in turn establish relationships and trusts with them for better conversion.

To recap, here’re 3 steps to follow: Identify – Structure – Publish. Identify your profitable personas; Structure your content around personas’ behaviors as well as interests; and Publishedsearch-engines-optimized content online where they often hang out at. Hope you find this article beneficial. For more helpful articles, please visit our Blog page at ProWeb365.com/Blog.

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