3 Keys For Mobile App Development Success

If you are following the current trends in mobile app development, you will know that no solid data is supporting a decline in this space. As businesses get “hip” to the fact that mobile apps are what bring people back to their phones multiple times a day and fuel engagement with products, services, and brands, it only makes sense to hop on this bandwagon. As they say, there is no better time than right now!

In running our agency Core Mobile Apps for over 9 years now, we’ve learned that success in the space comes down to very few key factors. Without these factors, you are not likely to have the success you desire. With that being said, here are 5 keys to remember when building a mobile app for your business or organization.

Key 1: Planning is just as important as execution

Oftentimes it’s super easy to just jump right into a project without any real preparation. This is a recipe for disaster as even the most simplistic apps can have areas where errors and oversights are immanent. The first thing you want to do is create a formal requirements document and project plan. The requirements document should list out all of the data that is pertinent to the success of the app, business rules, and key data points. The project plan should list out all of the deliverables and phases of the project as well as dates and personnel assignments. Do not skip this step.

Key 2: Focus on User Experience over flashiness

Yes it is extremely important to capture the user with a bit of glitz, however it would never trump User Experience (UX). There is a difference between drawing someone in with some flash but what will keep them using the app will be the overall experience. Make sure that buttons are easy to click, things are visible and above all, make sure the interface is clean/minimal. After all, the visual real estate on a users screen is very limited and an overly cluttered screen just creates confusion, which ultimately leads to people deleting the app.

Key 3: Focus on the speed of your mobile application

This point is not very sexy, we admit, however it is just as important as any of the other points in this article. When a user interacts with your app and clicks through various screens, make sure that the response time and speed are stellar. If your app is intensive as far as clicks are concerned, make sure that the time between screen transitions are minimal. Even small milliseconds of loading/rendering for a click intensive app can add frustration to the user’s mind. 

As one of the top App developers in Florida we know a thing or two about success in the space and hope that this article provides some useful data to keep in mind when developing your mobile application. When in doubt, keep your app as simple and clean as possible and focus on the user’s needs over monetization, and your path to success will be very clear.