2020 Digital Marketing Trends: Interactive Content

We might be an Auckland digital marketing company, but we are well aware that  what we do  is occasionally influenced by international trends. We’d be doing you a disservice by not taking note of what’s happening overseas, and considering the potential these things have to influence marketing campaigns right here. That’s why we stay on top of what’s occurring in the world of digital marketing, and how it can help you do better business as a result.

Interactive content is one of those 2020 trends that has caught our attention. In very basic terms, you can say that interactive content is content that is created to engage the consumer through participation instead of expecting them to act as a mere observer. The intention of interactive content is to capture user attention and encourage them to take further action. These might include something simple like clicking to reveal and learn more about a topic. At the other end of the scale, it might involve answering questions to calculate a score or other outcome.

Some of the most common examples of interactive content include:

  • Interactive quizzes
  • Interactive infographics
  • Surveys
  • Polls
  • Assessments
  • Interactive emails
  • Interactive eBooks
  • Augmented reality ads
  • 360-degree videos

No matter what form it takes, interactive content serves several important purposes. It engages the consumer and shows off the brand in a dynamic and engaging way, The goal is to give them an experience that is (hopefully) so interesting that it compels them to further explore the product or service. For the marketer, this type of content can help them capture insights and information. For example, quiz or assessment answers can give marketers a rich insight into user preferences and what it is about a product or service that users find most interesting.

It has been suggested that 90% of consumers report that they want more visual and interactive content. Meanwhile, according to another study, 93% of marketers rate interactive content as highly effective at educating the buyer. It’s easy to see why this form of marketing is trending globally in 2020, and capturing our attention right here. We’d be happy for you to get in touch to discuss this form of content with us, and how it can be used as part of a wider digital marketing strategy.