Month: July 2019

Teaching an elderly parent how to use technology

In today’s increasingly more technologically dominated society more and more people are relying on technology. In fact, your elderly parents will no doubt have been subjected to their grandchildren talking technology at them as if it was their first language. Whether your elderly parent is tech inquisitive or they live on the their own and […]

Glimpse of constructed writing systems

Technology and art are two powerful and opposite poles that bless and take our human race forward. They both are rare but deadliest combination so far on this Earth. In the recent times, they both merge and bring in different colors to human race. So much of wonder this world is about to witness in […]

How to Become a Popular Fitness Coach on Social Media?

They say, do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Fitness has been considered a sport or a hobby for a long time. Today, it’s much more. It’s a lifestyle, a sport discipline, and definitely a business. If you’re already into this or you’re practicing some fitness regularly, […]

The Top 5 Benefits of Having a Restaurant POS System

Technology now plays a crucial role in the ownership and operation of a restaurant. With the right technological tools, various processes can be streamlined, allowing owners, managers, and employees to manage the business more efficiently. One of the best tools that dining establishments should have today is a point-of-sale or POS system. This particular type […]

What is VPS Hosting and What are The Uses of a VPS

This article comes courtesy of Noria, a full-service digital marketing agency in Thailand who offers Google Ads, SEO, Social Media Marketing and more! Introduction If you want to have a website on the internet, you are going to need to store the web pages somewhere. There is a wide variety of storage methods available from […]

How To Dominate The Digital Marketing Scene As an Influencer

Much has been said about influencer marketing in 2019, the hype did not just start now, it dates back to 2017. However, 2019 has proven itself as the year of influencer marketing. Businesses and brands are coming to the realization of the huge potentials hidden in influencer marketing and more are reading to spend the […]

Building A Business From Your Computer

Running an online business means taking great care of your customers. In today’s competitive marketplace, your customer has a variety of choices for virtually anything they want to buy online. That means that you need to be better than the competition. How do you that?  On Time Shipping Probably the biggest complaint that many people […]

Operating System For VPS Web Hosting: Linux Vs Windows

Virtual Private Server, famously called VPS, is an advanced form of hosting in the 21st century’s technology-friendly world. It is more reliable than shared hosting and less expensive than a dedicated server. In addition, VPS web hosting is extremely popular among website owners of all kinds for its flexibility and useful features. Do you know […]

How Sensor Technology Improves Manufacturing

Henry Ford firing up the world’s first moving automotive assembly line forever changed the way companies approach manufacturing. By the time other leaders in manufacturing had picked their jaws up from off the floor, Ford’s assembly line had started steadily pushing out Model Ts at a price that average consumers could afford. By today’s standards, […]

CPIX Guide- What Is It and How Does It Work?

DASH-IF introduced Content Protection Information Exchange (CPIX) format as an open specification which supports all the major DRM systems and playout formats. It contains the DRM information along with the key which can be used for protecting and encrypting DASH content.  MPEG DASH (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) was one of the biggest innovations for […]