15 Tricks to Increase your Instagram Followers

Marketing on Instagram gets tedious when you don’t get as many likes and followers as you want. When you see your competitive brands with 100k followers, you think how did they do it? Well, now you longer have to wonder. Here are the best tricks to increase your Instagram followers:

  1. Go for a business account: An Instagram business account helps you to see valuable insights, get better exposure and include contact buttons.
  2. Mention your followers while posting: Instagram is all about interaction, activity and engagement and one way to motivate it is to connect with your followers. Thank them for liking your post and compliment their gesture to make them feel valued.
  3. Be available on Instagram stories: Stories are the best place to showcase your work in progress and behind the scene images and videos. Show your followers the uncut version of your brand.
  4. Buy likes: You can buy 50 likes for your instagram post. This way you will get a wider exposure and better share amongst people and eventually an increase in your followers. Buy 50 instagram likes from a reliable source and choose a package to make your posts like appear legit and organic.
  5. Organize a competition: Nothing beats the heat of a competition or contest as people do everything to win it.
  6. Boost your posts via Ads: Enhance the reach of your post with a small fee and see your follower list growing with rise in post’s likes.
  7. Post in varied formats: Variety is the spice of life. Remember you can post images, videos, gifs on your account, so do not restrict yourself to one format.
  8. Create a brand hashtag: Instagram users use hashtags for their search. So use it to your advantage and make your own brand hashtag.
  9. Follow influencers: Find out the top trend of Instagram by following the big guys and enter the bandwagon easily.
  10. Put your Instagram content on your site: Allow your website visitors to know that you have an Insa account and bring them to it.
  11. Provide discounts to your followers: Give discounts to your followers so that they stick to your follower list forever and take advantage of your incentives.
  12. Appoint an influencer: 91% of influencers are on Insta and according to 59%, Instagram is the best way to engage their target audience.
  13. Get live: If you want to expand your reach, then you should start your live videos and send your present followers a notification about it.
  14. Add Hashtags: Add related hashtags and geotags to make your content easily searchable.
  15. Write good captions: Never leave the caption field empty and always ensure that you use quality content there. You can check out National Geographic’s post to see how to caption your posts well.

With the help of these points, you can easily expand your follower list and reach your target. Instagram is all about daily posting and consistent effort. So, do not give up in the middle. Buy 50 likes to ease your efforts.