10 reasons to sell your product on Ebay

If selling on the internet has now become a pillar of the economy, it is because the advantages of opening an ecommerce are different and all interesting. In this article we will look at the most salient, from which any kind of trade can benefit. For selling on ebay the below mentioned 10 reasons are there.

Cut costs: open an online store

Opening a traditional business involves costs that you are not always ready to bear. You have to find a place, buy it, or pay a rent. We need to consider the need to pay for utilities, hire staff, and arrange furniture and equipment.


Not to mention the insurance and costs for securing the premises. If instead you opt to open an e-commerce, obviously all these costs are zeroed. Advertising and inventory management also become less costly in a virtual store.

Comfort of e-commerce

Comfort, convenience, is a fundamental advantage for selling products online. Maybe that’s THE advantage. Many times a purchase is determined and encouraged precisely by the relaxing situation in which a potential buyer finds himself.


In many cases, the buyer has always preferred purchasing autonomy rather than passing through the seller or representative.

Straight Purchase

We only think about when we want to browse the shelves of any store in peace, to ponder a purchase, and instead we are gripped by the saleswoman who wants to influence our purchases at all costs.


Online you can easily consult the catalog, finding technical sheets, photos, availability and stocks, prices. But not only that, you can check the history of past purchases and shipping times. The prices, added to shipping costs and taxes, are transparent in their entirety.

Stocks are There

The customer is aware of what he is buying, so in many cases he feels inclined to make larger expenses (stock of products instead of single pieces) and on the other hand he is encouraged to make further new purchases. In practice this translates into the renewal of supply contracts and a distributor-customer bond that can last for years.

No Strict Opening Hour

They is not having to undergo the strict opening hours of traditional shops, nor being subject to the whims of the weather. It is very easy for a user to not want to go out and buy any product on a rainy or extremely hot day. The possibility of buying with a click, therefore, is in its simplicity the keystone of the success of online sales.

Selling directly to your customers

Online sales know no intermediation. Brands, large and small, can now sell directly to the consumer. In recent years, there are many cases in which brands active only online have far surpassed others very well known in the same sector, present in the area with traditional shops.

Proper Help

At the same time, a valid help in purchases and above all in getting to know people’s habits, is given by chats. Chat is an immediate and easy way to communicate with sellers, so that the customer has the information they need when they need it, and all this can only generate positive reactions.