10 Online Tools to use at the Spare time for Fun

We all spend hours using internet for checking our social media, watching videos, messaging, reading content and what not. Not only we want to use our time better but also we keep on looking for having fun. You don’t need to spend many dollars; some online tools for fun are just for free. While using these tools, you can be as creative as you want, discover new things and utilize new resources to develop your learning and creativity.

You can use many useful online tools and have fun at the same time which includes:

  • Measuring with online scale
  • Building fonts
  • Making a robot or Picasso painting
  • Create graffiti (a digital one)
  • Draw with fire
  • Turn your pictures into textures and words

Here is a list of ten online tools which you can use in spare time for fun:

1.    Androidify:

Do you wonder what you will look like an android? Check it out with Androidify. This online app uses the mascots from the operating system of Android and turns it whatever you want. Since it has different options in the interface, you can customize it according to your requirement. Its app is also available at Google Play.

2.    iRuler:

Do you want to measure anything but don’t have a ruler nearby?

Well don’t worry; iRuler will help you measure anything with help of ruler on your screen because it’s works as an online ruler. It allows you to measure the size and length of small objects by comparing it with the online ruler.

3.    Flame painter:

If you want to draw a fire right on your screen, the free online version of drawing tool Bomomo is an art application which is compatible with the Safari or Firefox browser. Each of the eighteen painting tools are tied to the mouse which makes this tool interesting and unique. is called Flame Painter. Using this tool you can work with different strokes with speed, focus and speed and draw with full spectrum slider to create a flame with any colour paint.

4.    Picassohead:

Do you want to become a Picasso? Well, Picassohead is an amazing drawing tool which allows you to create style portrait and abstract art similar to the famous artist himself. You can also duplicate some of Picasso’s famous paintings and art pieces.

5.    Diff:

If you are looking for Online tools for fun and want to learn something too, then Diff is just the right tool for you. It allows you to virtually compare any two things and let you learn more about it. All you need to do is enter two things and see what is the difference between them such as “Democrat vs. Republican”. This tool will provide you with a comparison between almost everything.

6.    Fontstuct:

If you like building fonts, Fontstruct is the right choice for you. It allows you to write fonts using geometrical shaped on a grid pattern. It is simple and easy to use and generates high-quality fonts at the same time. You can use it on Windows as well as in Mac while its sing up process is straightforward and free.

7.    Graffiti Playdo:

If you like drawing Graffiti on the walls and couldn’t due to an issue then it is a good chance to start Graffiti Playdo. It is a fun interface with a cement wall, colours and shakable spray of your choice, while you can choose the size of the brush and go nuts with the graffiti art you want to make.

8.    DIY.org:

For those who are looking for Online tools for fun and wants to learn too then, DIY will work just right for them. It allows kids and students of all ages to skill classes, explore their talent and perform challenges which are linked to it. It is the best place for the supportive learning community and improves their skills at the same time.

9.    Bomomo:

If you like to draw and paint then choose Bonomo which is another free online drawing tool. It works similar to Flame painter but the visual effects are bit different. It allows you to add various textures and draw what they like. You can also save, share and export your art pieces and work according to it.

10.    Myoats:

If you are looking for online drawing applications then Myoats is your best bet. It helps you create beautiful symmetrical designs with geometrical tools.