1 postpaid plan, 7 advantages

All of Airtel’s postpaid plans are amongst the best in their class, and you would remiss to not be an Airtel subscriber. Why? We list 7 good reasons.

If you’ve been looking high and low for the best postpaid offers, you need look no further than Airtel postpaid. Want a reason to switch to Airtel postpaid – here are 7!

#1 Get your postpaid SIM card in just a day!

That’s right – Airtel postpaid offers to get you a new SIM card delivered to your residential address in just 24 hours. Choose the address and timing of your convenience, and Airtel does the rest. Does your current mobile provider do this?

#2 Choose from between 5 postpaid plans.

Airtel not only has a quick and easy purchasing process, but it also has the most cost-effective and superbly designed postpaid plans. You can take your pick from 5 of its postpaid offers at the moment. Each comes with its own set of benefits, mainly unlimited calling (STD, local and outgoing and incoming roaming), access to Airtel apps, easy bill payment facility online (over the Airtel website or myAirtel app), and chance to change the plan at a later date.

#3 Get a large amount of data and data rollover.

One of the biggest takeaways from the Airtel postpaid offers is the huge amount of data that Airtel promises with each plan. Even the basic Rs 399 plan has 20 GB data, which suffices for those who occasionally watch movies and who like to call and web chat with friends all the time. But if you want more data, Airtel offers anything between 40 GB and 90 GB data per month, on the rest of its postpaid plans (see illustration above for data offering).

#4 Watch movies for free.

Who doesn’t enjoy watching movies, right? If you’re an Airtel postpaid subscriber, you can take your love for films to a whole new level, by watching one whenever you want. That’s because with the Airtel postpaid plan (except the Rs 399 one) you get access to free movies on the Airtel TV app. That’s not all – you get a one-year free subscription to Amazon Prime as well, so there are more TV shows and movies to check out!

#5 Ensure your handset’s protection and repair.

Your handset is a precious commodity – even the slightest malfunction can set you back by a hefty amount of money in repairs. Besides, a non-working handset is of no use – you might as well get a new one if you can’t have it fixed. Airtel has your back when it comes to handset repair – except for the Rs 399 plan, its remaining four plans in postpaid offer the Handset Repair Protection guarantee. This means that Airtel will take up the mantle of repairing your handset for you as long as the Airtel plan is active. No other mobile subscriber offers this feature in India.

#6 Save up to 20% on Airtel family plans.

Airtel also offers the excellent Family Plan, under which all Airtel phone users in the family (both prepaid and postpaid) are covered under one single bill. Not only does the family plan make account management and bill payment a completely hassle-free process, it also saves up to 20% of your monthly revenues which you would have otherwise spent on paying each bill separately.

#7 Port to Airtel quite easily.

If you have considered the features listed above and are now convinced that you need to get on board the postpaid offers from Airtel, then here’s the last incentive: porting to Airtel is incredibly easy.

You can initiate the porting process online, and let Airtel guide you through the rest.