Saturday 23 March 2019
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Real-Time Tracking of Stock through Warehouse Inventory Management Software

Those who know how to take advantage of warehouse management software know that it offers more than just data. It is an effective means by which a business can cater to its warehousing needs. It can also increase transparency across the supply chain while at the same time providing accurate data amongst all members of the team. Thus,in essence, an effective warehouse inventory management software ensures a more productive and profitable business.

Another benefit is increased inventory accuracy. This is perhaps the most important functions of a warehouse management system. Accurate recording of inventory results in improved stock control and better inventory tracking. A business person will be able to provide his clients with the products they want wherever they need them or at least keep the stock of good updated with accurate information. This, in turn, improves customer satisfaction. Such an efficient system also eliminate the potential operating costs normally incurred due to errors thereby creating greater overall efficiency, improved profits and cost reductions.

Effective management control often accompanies the installation of a warehouse management system. Costly mistakes can arise when the stock level reaches a low level without the knowledge of a production manager. This system ensures such mistakes are avoided by offering advance warnings of stock issues and alerts a businessperson when orders need to be purchased once an inventory hits a certain level. This technology can reduce the chances of having excessive stock or less stock. This improves profitability and ensures an entire enterprise is run in an efficient and productive manner. Most importantly, it allows senior managers to arrive at informed decisions based on the generation of accurate data.

Reduce Staff Levels with Warehouse Inventory Management Software

When members of a team are so many doing the same job, the higher overheads a company will likely have, so it is very essential if efficiency is maintained in this area in order to increase productivity. An effective system ensures this is easily achieved because it can help an individual optimize processes to reduce the need for additional staff. It also allows for the reduction of staff members during normal operations during off-peak season or it can pave way for the need to hire temporary staff during the season of high demand. This improves an organization abilities and the manner in which resources are managed.

Staff levels are not the only thing that can be managed by warehouse inventory management software. The ability of a company to reduce workforce enables minimum use of equipment in the running if a warehouse. A firm will need fewertools and equipment because fewer people will be present to use the machinery. This can result in some significant savings. There will be no need to replace equipment due to wear and tear and also it helps to minimize annual maintenance budget.

Features To Look For in Software

  • Warehouse Staff: barcode scanners provide a more efficient way to quickly issue and receive inventory, perform physical register by means of a mobile app, and move items. Such useful reports can also be sued to check on locations, stock numbers, quantities, descriptions and much more.
  • Office Staff: the system can be used to create purchase orders, sales orders and manage other important reports needed in a warehouse. Automation of inventory tasks enables a faster and easier operation.
  • Field Personnel: this feature can better evaluate what is currently on hand and provide useful alerts whether the products are either overstocked or understocked. In addition, a mobile app enables easy access of this data even while traveling on the road from Smartphones, tablets and mobile computers

The main benefits of a warehouse management system are:

  1. Economical: reduces and totally eliminates costly steps and process thereby gaining productivity.
  2. Improve workflow: ensures effective workflow management and therefore enhances employee and equipment resources
  3. Improves accuracy: when human errors are kept to a minimum you save time and improves accuracy.

Picking Options

One of the major labor expenses is picking. An efficient technology will generally expand a warehouse’s picking options. Alternative picking choices are such as pick to box or tote, pick and pass, paperless pick system, RF directed, zone picking, robotic perfect pick,and voice pick. There is the ability to view the order by various orders and profiles, carrier level of service, single line item, special handling orders and even one can select a single specific order. Larger and sophisticated warehouse operations will have more options.


Packing in a small commerce e system can be very costly. In order for a business to be accurate in the process as well as improve customer satisfaction, there needs to be a pack verification process instilled n its operations. If there are missed picks or incorrect order quantities, the software pulls these aside for correction. Many management systems allow the ability to provide assembly directions, customer documents, shipping labels and inclusion of selected promotional materials.

Shipping and Manifesting

Sophisticated routines such as rate shopping can be supported by companies through the use of typical functions of the software. For companies that own and manage truck fleets, many inventory software systems offer modules to support transport management system. In the case of internally developed functions, it is best of a warehouse manager first determines whether they are certified for the carriers he uses. A high-speed capacity enterprise shipping system can manage various locations from a single server and also run many pack lines for large operations.

Take Home Point

An efficient system to track inventory, record sales and keep an accurate record of stock is useful to any warehouse, small business or large firm. Admin users can use it to keep track of the current inventory values and calculate all the transactions made throughout the day. It saves time and cost since an automated process eliminates human error while at the same time reducing staff levels. It is what a business person needs to run his operations smoothly.